Tempestuous Beaches/Lakes

Our beaches were I grew up are very special to me. Christmas day, in the middle of summer, or on school holidays, under Pohutukawa trees with their bright red flowers,  always takes me back to a time and place I love.
Its the ever changing moods of New Zealand's weather on our coastlines that always invoke different memories. From a calm overcast day where the wet sand reflects the soft clouds as they move through the sky, to the tempestuous blustery day, with dramatic breaking waves and throws of sea spray, spraying into the air creating the drama of the scene.
Lakes in a complete opposite composition, can have the subtle tones that create a water colour blend, reflecting the scene back onto the still waters and giving you a mirror image. The reflection of the mist in the early morning as it begins to lift or the colour of the lake water all make for an exciting and unique image.
From the delicate to the impressive, we strive to capture the power and beauty of New Zealand's coastlines and lakes.