About Us

Wendy & Chris

I was introduced to photography by accident, I took a job working for a professional photographic lab in 1996, didn’t realise at the time but it changed my life, my career and also introduced me to the love of my life, Wendy. Wendy worked in the art department and went from negative to digital like a duck to water. I thought if I married her I could get all my art work done for free. BOOM!!

For several years I worked for 3 prominent Auckland based Wedding Photographers, which helped me understand the use of light, depth and composition. Being constantly bugged by our friends for us to shoot their weddings, (Ironically wanting this for free), Wendy and I in 2000 started our own company.

Over the next 23 years we created a successful, fun, wedding/portrait business and made many great friends on the way.

Within this time, I started to perfect the craft of landscapes which I found demanding, challenging but ultimately very rewarding.

We have always shot with Nikon gear from film through to digital and the use of prime lens to get the look and feel we are after. The correct printing, paper type, art edits and framing all mean something to us.

With any art form, there comes the capacity to touch on all our emotions. Whether its peaceful, moody or reflective. Our goal is to be able to capture and share this with you.

Wendy & Chris